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The function and application principle of reflective clothes
Author:admin    Add time:11/6/2015    Source:REAJOY   

Reflective clothing can be called reflective vest, reflective clothing. Reflective clothing styles more varieties of the full text of the police, traffic wardens, highways, security, etc..

The role of reflective clothes:

Reflective vests reflective vest is the use of reflective material is inlaid on clothing or vest is mainly make a for night or adverse weather conditions of personal safety equipment, in the outdoor work better protect workers.

Classification of reflective clothes:

According to the style of reflective clothing is divided into: reflective vest, reflective T-shirt (POLO), reflective jacket, reflective pants, etc..

According to the use of reflective vests is divided into three parts: reflective raincoat, sanitation workers reflective clothing, reflective riding clothes, reflective uniforms, reflective casual wear, traffic police reflective clothing, outdoor reflective motion service, reflective protective clothing, reflective work clothes, special industry reflective clothing.

Principle of reflective clothes:

Reflective part of the reflective clothing is the use of the lattice of micro - Ling type of refractive index and high refractive index of the glass beads back reflection principle, through the focus after the processing of advanced technology. It can reflect the distance from the point of light reflection to the light, no matter in the day or night have a good reflection of the reflection of light. Especially in the evening, can play as high visibility as the day. Using the high visibility reflective material made of security service, whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in a scattering light or light interference can be found more easily by night drivers. The emergence of reflective material successfully solved the "see" and "be seen" this night driving problem.

Application of reflective clothes:

Suitable for road crews, traffic department of highways, road commanding officers, police, cleaners and so on, the high reflective to eye-catching caution function, protect personnel safety.

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