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Accident Survivor Advocates Safe Boating this Memorial Day Weekend
Author:admin    Add time:20/4/2015    Source:REAJOY    

 We're nearing the end of Boating Safety Week, and as many have plans to hit the water for Memorial Day weekend, Sea Tow of Corpus Christi celebrated at the marina downtown as a new life jacket stand was unveiled. A special boating survivor was there to help cut the ribbon, and our Briana Whitney has the story.

 "1, 2,  3...wooo!"

A celebration of boating safety has 24-year-old Rebecca Chambers all smiles today, but on August 24th of 2014, boating changed her life.

"I stand in front of y'all today as a survivor, most aren't so lucky," said Chambers.

"A lot can go wrong on the water, and it can go wrong really fast," said Jennifer Kindred, the Marketing Director for Sea Tow.

Rebecca somersaulted off her boat near Marker 37 with no life jacket on, her leg instantly severed.

"Wearing a life jacket would have helped to ensure my life as well as others on the boat," said Chambers.

So today she stands as an advocate of boating safety. Sea Tow of Corpus Christi unveiled their life jacket loaner station at the marina, a place where anyone can grab a life jacket to use for free for the day, then return it afterwards.

"A lot of the water out here in Corpus is really shallow people are unfamiliar with the water," said Kindred.

According to the latest statistics by the US Coast Guard, 610 people lost their lives in 2014 due to boating accidents, and Sea Tow says this is a step in the right direction for anybody heading out to the water.

"We have jackets from infants all the way to adult," said Kindred.

Plans include adding 5 more of these to other marinas around the area, with L and F Distributors donating 300 more jackets today. Rebecca using her accident as a learning experience...

"You honestly never know what can happen you know a second can change your life" save anyone else's life, with a simple message of safety, before it's too late.


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