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The cleaning staff not safety reflective vests, life by car
Author:admin    Add time:20/4/2015    Source:REAJOY    

  Some work in the street The stream never stops flowing. personnel, due to negligence, causing the tragedy

A rainy night, and a cleaning staff were killed in the fast lane. Perhaps you have never noticed, the city's beautician because often in the motor vehicle lane operation has become a high-risk accident. In the busy traffic, in the light of the road, a blood lesson on repeated.

[case back]

The morning sweep muck was killed on the spot

May 31, 1:30 in the morning, the 59 year old Anhui Yang Yibo as usual, in Fuzhou Aofong Yaxing junctions, clear muck car had just dropped the muck. Near the junction is a real estate site, every night total many muck car came and dig out the site of wastes shipped out. "Drop spill" has become the old habit of muck car, in order to avoid be fine, a lot of muck car companies are hiring full-time cleaning, Yang Yibo is doing this job.

Peter stood in the fast lane, completely didn't notice a van is approaching. Afterwards the account of truck drivers, Kuiper side without any construction signs, body nor reflective warning, that night and raining. He didn't see anyone on the road, hit straight up. According to the police, the police rushed to the scene, Peter has died. Sadly, the Kuiper actually have to wear a reflective vest, but because of the rain, Kuiper and outside set a black raincoat. Is this raincoat, let Peter completely in the dark.

Similar cases are common. After the cleaners sweep the garbage, was hit by a car. What is more, there are garden workers in the pruning branches, because cut down the branches occupied by non motorized vehicles, workers had to stand on the motor drive. The result is through driving electric cars hit.

Reporter investigation

Construction personnel frequently injured outside the site 300 meters into a high-risk section"

Reporters learned from the Taijiang traffic patrol brigade, only one place in Taijiang, 5 years, the construction personnel to prevent accidents caused by improper, has resulted in 3 deaths, more than 6 people seriously injured. Among them, the muck car cleaning staff to become "big victims".

The accident occurred within 300 meters outside the site. Because a lot of muck cars from the site came out, the tire will wrap around a lot of silt. Wheel rolling on the road, you will put the mud rub down, so the original two hundred or three hundred meters on the road, especially the residual mud. Once, Yang Yibo is to clean the mud on the road for a living, but did not think of death also in this way.

In fact, Fuzhou City Department stipulates, cleaning to muck truck wheels before leaving the site. But the reporter visited several sites and found that this provision only in name, and in order to rush period, run several times to make more money, a lot of muck on the body with the mud directly out. Because of this, companies can hire specialized cleaning car. "The company just open wages, but rarely teach the cleaning staff how to prevent risks." A police said the lack of professional training, the need to cause the relevant departments and enterprises concerned.

[David] said case

Three details can avoid this kind of tragedy

"Clean the residue, pruning, the law can be defined as construction workers." Taijiang patrol brigade deputy chief Xiao Yuming said, a comprehensive case, the police have specialized summary experience informed of the departments. In fact, as long as three details, the accident rate will be significantly reduced.

First, in accordance with the "Fujian province implementation way approach", approved in road construction operations shall in the operating area around Weidang, night in Weidang facilities set up and open the lighting equipment. "If the surrounding block is not convenient, even if the road to clean the place to put a reflective cone, the upper frame of a LED lamp, the vehicle can also play a reminder of the past." Xiao Yuming said the warning signs have to be placed in the face of the car to the direction of the 50~100 meter. "Do not be afraid of trouble, this time to sweep the end, go forward, but also with a reflective cone."

Second, the dress code of reflective vest. In the accident, for example, last mistake make Yang Kuiper is in luminous vest outside the set of a raincoat, thus losing the found himself being the last chance. "More exaggerated, not wearing reflective vests on the road." Yu Ming Xiao said that muck cleaning staff multi work late at night, drivers had fatigue, and some sections of the lighting is not good more accident prone.

In the end, the operating personnel because to move forward, so they are back in the direction of the car. "Be sure to turn around and face the car." Xiao Yuming said, this is in order to ensure that the driver can not find the operator, the latter can be observed in advance of the vehicle, a little more reaction time to help save.

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